NPG benefits for summer 2018

Happy summer holidays!

We want all our members to relax and have an awesome summer! If you feel like you want to party, we recommend you to head to one of the Night People Group bars/nightclubs because from 1st of June until 31st of August NPG offers the next benefits for Atkins members:

Atkins ry’s statutory spring meeting 14.05.2018

Atkins ry welcomes all of it’s members to the statutory spring meeting on 14th of May at 6pm. The spring meeting will be held at Pasila campus in class 1007.

All Atkins’s members can participate in the meeting and all members have the right to speak and vote.

Official agenda in English below.

1. Opening the meeting
2. Organizing the meeting
3. Verifying the validity and authority of the meeting
4. Approving the agenda for the meeting
5. Announcements
6. Presenting the annual report for the term of 2017
7. Approving the annual report
8. Presenting the financial statement and the auditor’s statement for the term of 2017
9. Approving the financial statement
10. Releasing the 2017 board members of legal responsibility
11. Electing an auditor and deputy auditor for the current term
12. Other arising matters
13. Closing the meeting

Atkins ry’s board for year 2018

Atkins ry had statutory meeting on 2nd of November and it was nice to see that both participant and applicant numbers increased from last year!

During the meeting Atkins ry’s board for year 2018 were selected and here’s the line-up:

  • Tomi Laitila / Chairman
  • Sebastian Eriksson / Vice Chairman
  • Alec Fält / Secretary
  • Juho Laihanen / Treasurer

Henrik Huhtaluoma, Jon Ketola, Daniel Orellana, Leevi Seppälä, Elina Sivonen and Aleksi Uusitalo were selected to the board as a member. Their roles will be decided later when the new board organizes.
Current board congratulates the new members of the board!


Atkins ry’s board for 2018

– Kim Sundström / Informer

Atkins ry’s statutory autumn meeting 2.11.2017

Atkins ry invites all of its members to statutory autumn meeting on 2nd of November at 6 pm. Meeting is held at Pasila campus, classroom 1001.

All Atkins’s members can participate to the meeting and all members have the right to speak and vote.

If you want to apply to Atkins’s board you can send your application to before the meeting. You can also apply during the meeting. If you can’t join the meeting, but you would like your application to be heard, inform about this in your application.

We will choose board for year 2018, and also confirm associations budjet and action plan for term 2018. Official agenda in Finnish below.


1. Kokouksen avaus
2. Kokouksen järjestäytyminen
3. Kokouksen laillisuus ja päätösvaltaisuus
4. Esityslistan hyväksyminen työjärjestykseksi
5. Ilmoitusasiat
6. Vastuuvapauden myöntäminen 2016 vuoden hallitukselle
7. Hallituksen esitys talousarviosta vuodelle 2018
8. Hallituksen esitys toimintasuunnitelmasta vuodelle 2018
9. Hallituksen valinta toimikaudelle 2018
10. Esitys kunniajäsenen nimittämisestä
11. Muut esille tulevat asiat
12. Kokouksen päättäminen

New students; welcome to Haaga-Helia!!

Hey and welcome to study at Haaga-Helia!!

We are Atkins ry, a student association of Haaga-Helia UAC for IT-students and we’re in Haaga-Helia just for you! From our website you’ll find info etc. about memberships and TROL ry (The National Union of BBA Students). We’ll recommend to follow our Jobs -site, we’re updating it frequently and quite often there’s lot job ads there (some of those ads are in Finnish)!

We hope to see you on orientation week, but latest at freshmen party since we’re having a checkpoint there! We hope you enjoy your studies in Haaga-Helia, we’ll try our best to make it as good as possible for you 🙂


– Kim Sundström, Atkins ry’s informer

NPG benefits for summer 2017

Hey, hopefully your holiday has started well!

During summer it’s recommended to spend time outside of four walls and if you’re getting into party mood, we recommend to go one of the Night People Group’s bar/night club because from 1st of June to 31st of August NPG is offering a free Shine-membership for next three (3) months to all members of Atkins ry!
With Shine-membership you’ll get 15% discount from any normal priced drinks and entry benefits from different bars/night clubs.

How to receive Shine-membership:

  1. Download NPG Night Lite- application (available on iOs and Android)
  2. Go to and redeem your code. Detailed instructions can be found there.
  3. Enjoy 🙂


Happy summer holidays!


– Kim Sundström, Atkins ry’ informer

New members to Atkins ry’ board

Atkins ry held 23.5.2017 their spring meeting where the action report and financial report from 2016 were approved. Also the discharge from liability to the board of 2016 were granted.

During the spring meeting we selected two new members to the board since Sergei Pavlov and Juha-Matti Ohvo left the board. The selected members to the board are Jon Ketola and Iiro Alhonen.
From the current members of the board Tomi Laitila were selected as the new chairperson and Mikko Hallberg as the new vice chairperson.

Atkins ry wants to thank Sergei and Juha-Matti from everything what they’ve done for the association and wish all the best for your future endeavors!


– Kim Sundström, Atkins ry’ informer

New partnership!

We are proud to introduce our newest partner Dick Johnson Greasy Store!! These great people agreed to help us from now on to make our hairs and beards look nice! The first thing that they are offering is a 1 month discount code to get free shipping! Go to, choose everything you want and when ordering hit the code: ATKINSFREE!! It’s that simple!

From morning bus till dusk

Hey! First of all, I’m really sorry in advance for bad english in this text. I should have been a better student! Second of all, nice to see you here! As I promised last time, I’m gonna inform you about everything that is going on with Atkins.

We started this year pretty strong in terms of working with companies by having 3! excursions: Futurice (read more:, Nordea and Reaktor. All of these were well received by our members and we also got positive feedback from representatives of companies. We are really happy that we can provide such events for our members. We have couple more events upcoming, one with Academic Work and Tieto, second with IT-tradenomit.

This year we have more events than ever before. Out year started with Valentines Day -party with Hsoy on 15.2 and it was a great party. Right after that we started selling tickets to The Party, which is all new concept for us. There you only know the date and price of tickets, everything else you are informed about after you buy the ticket. We stressed about it a little, but the party soldout first day so no worries. We have a lot more coming and as we counted with our board, from next week all the way to mayday, we have something every week!! It takes a lot of time, but results are always most important!

We’ve been also doing important advocacy work. This years first JOOP-metting was a week ago and there we had a chance to discuss all kind of stuff with schools representatives. Headmaster gave us positive feedback for working with companies to give our students better chances to find job later. We also talked with head of BITE -degree program and agreed to work together to bring BITE students closer to our activities.

Overall last month has been really busy. Fun thing is that it’s gonna get even busier. I’ll keep you informed about everything going on.

Stay tuned


– Sergei Pavlov, chairperson of Atkins ry

Futurice excursion 19.1.2017

Atkins ry and Futurice oy arranged an excursion to Futurices office 19.1.2017. Last year we didn’t manage to arrange a single excursion, so we were excited for this event to take place.  At first there was a bit of uncertainty about the general interest towards the event, since there have been some excursions that have failed to draw enough people to participate. A couple of days before the event our board got a reason to cheer, because a massive popularity of the excursion exceeded our expectations and we received as much applications as we had wished for. It’s great to see that these kinds of events are in demand!

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