We inform about all our events on Telegram and on our Instagram account.
During the year, we organize many of our own events, and the association also participates in the events of other organizations by, for example, holding a checkpoint at Freshers day and organizing a completely own event day at Helga's 8 day Wappu.

Helgas 8 day wappu

Atkins participates in Helga's 8-day wappu with the already legendary LVL UP Appro!
LVL UP Appro is a game-themed funny checkpoint bar run, where the participant can earn up to 3 overall badges for the price of one appro.

Member events

We organize member events where all our members are welcome to get to know each other and have fun together. We have organized, for example, karaoke nights, coverall badge sewing nights and other nice things. All our members and external members can participate in member events. You can check your membership status here (link to membership info)


Sits are a fun and traditional academic table party for students, where you eat, sing drinking songs and have fun.
Every year we organize two freshers sits and other sits with changing themes throughout the year. We have organized, for example, Progibitionsits and Random-sits together with Sture ry.
In addition to having fun, it's important to take into account your table party and other sitsers. That's why you should familiarize yourself with Atkins' sits etiquette below. Note, however, that the rules of sits may vary slightly between sits, which is why it is important to listen when the sits toastmaster goes over the rules at the beginning of the sits. Sits traditionally have a läsu, i.e. a song book, so don't worry if you don't know every drinking song by heart!
Please also note that although a three-course dinner is offered at the Sits, you should not arrive hungry. Also remember to state your allergies accurately and clearly when buying a ticket.

Sits etiquette

Dress code: stated in the description of the event. Rarely do sits have overalls except for What the f*ck are sits (freshers sits)

1. Don’t be late. You will be punished for being late.

2. Dress according to the dress code.

3. Toastmaster’s instructions and regulations must be followed

4. Do not talk, eat or drink during speeches and songs.

5. You may not leave the table without the Toastmaster’s permission.

6. The speaker is requested by referring to the Toastmaster. Remember to introduce yourself.

7. Songs are requested in the same way as speaking, and the song requester starts the song. For songs, there are songbooks on the tables.

8. After the song we toast. Toastmaster gives instructions for toasting, which are followed, but the basic rule is that glasses are not clinked when toasting, just raising the glass is enough.

9. Sits have exclamations that enliven the singing. Exclamations should be placed between verses and should not disturb the natural flow of the song. The exclamations are:

“Mellansup” One sip of your own drink, no toasting
“Tempo” Corrects, speeds up or slows down the tempo of the song within the limits of good taste.
“Omstart” Prompts singers to start from the beginning of a verse or song.

10. Be polite to others and consider other passengers.

NOTE! Sitsers don’t tend to clap, but can, for example, beat the table with their hands or stomp their feet.

What the f*ck sits?!

Atkins always organizes freshers sits for computer science students who have just started.
The purpose of the Sits is to introduce Atkins' new Freshers to each other and, of course, to the ways and traditions of the Sits.

Valentines party

Atkins traditionally organizes Valentines party with Hsoy ry in honor of Valentine's Day. The event has been bar parties and even Valentine's Day Olympics.

Suomen pienimmät approt

Atkins together with Hsoy ry launched Finland's smallest appro 2021! The next smallest appro in Finland will be held on August 30, 2022! Follow @suomenpienimmatapprot on Instagram to stay up to date with appro ticket sales and possible raffles!