What is Atkins ry?


Atkins ry is the Haaga-Helia students' association for Business Information Technology students, which represents both Finnish-speaking TIKO and English-speaking BITE students lines.
The association is managed by a Board of Directors composed of ten members, who have been chosen by our members, all who have been chosen by students in our line of study by vote.


The association's activities as a rule, is divided into two parts, the events and advocacy.
Atkins ry organizes during the year, many of our own event, which can be found in alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
We organize, for example, really popular Mitkä V*tun Bileet ?! and Penthouse Party and other events such as patch sewing nights or excursions.
The association will also participate in events with other organizations, for example, holding a checkpoint in the Freshman Party or arranging a completely private event day for Helga day 8 MayDay.

Protection of Interests

Advocacy side, the association takes care of the welfare of the students participating in various meetings with the leadership of the school and other organizations.