What is Atkins ry?


Atkins ry is the Haaga-Helia students' association for Business Information Technology students, which represents both Finnish-speaking TIKO and English-speaking BITE students lines.
The association is managed by a Board of Directors composed of ten members.


The association's activities as a rule, is divided into two parts, the events and advocacy.
Atkins ry organizes during the year, many of our own event, which can be found in alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
We organize, for example, really popular Mitkä V*tun Bileet ?! and Penthouse Party and other events such as patch sewing nights or excursions.
The association will also participate in events with other organizations, for example, holding a checkpoint in the Freshman Party or arranging a completely private event day for Helga day 8 MayDay.

Protection of Interests

Advocacy side, the association takes care of the welfare of the students participating in various meetings with the leadership of the school and other organizations.