What is an excursion?

Atkins ry excursions are company visits to big-name IT-companies, where you have a chance to visit their offices which are normally for only employees. Usually companies have told about their operations/upcoming agendas, and they have been advertising their open job positions. Also usually there is food and drinks for visitors.

Why should you sign up for excursions?

Excursions are completely FREE for all our Silver, Gold and Black members. You have a chance to see what the work actually is in the company, network with other students and company staff and attain valuable experience for yourself.

Who can attend excursions?

All excursions organized by Atkins ry can only be attended by Atkins ry members. This means that if you are TROL Silver, Gold or Black Member, you are qualified to sign up for excursions.

Keep in mind, that during the sign up for excursions, Black and Gold TROL members are prioritized over Silver Members.


Reaktor is a finnish company providing IT-specialist services, software developement and digital design. In software developement, Reaktor aims to utilize agile methods to achieve their goals.
Atkins arranged an excursion to Reaktor in 12.2.2019.
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Columbia Road

Columbia Road is a Helsinki based growth consultancy specialized in growth hacking, digital commerce and full stack marketing.
Atkins ry arranged an excursion to Columbia Road in 21.2.2019
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Futurice is a digital innovation and engineering consultancy with Finnish roots. The core business is developing and designing online- and mobile software. In addition, Futurice helps its clients to become future capable by transforming company cultures, co-creating digital strategies, and turning tech into business.
Atkins ry arranged an excursion to Futurice on 26.2.2019.
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Nixu Cybersecurity

Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Their passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely.
Atkins ry arranged an excursion to Nixu in 5.3.2019.
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Comiq offers agile and cost-efficient quality assurance services for companies. On the enterprise-level, they design business-oriented management functions and processes for quality assurance
Atkins ry arranged an excursion to Comiq in 26.3.2019.
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