Lunchline Queue

When you go for lunch, check the ceiling.

There are five ultrasound sensors in the roof, marked with arrows.

Stand directly under them and try to form a tight queue, so that the system sees the people in the queue and can produce an accurate estimate of the queue situation.

Thank you!

Check the queue

Menu for the day

  • Thursday, 23-01-2020

    Buffet line 1: Pureed beetroot soup (* ,A ,G ,L) Roasted crisp rye bread (A ,L ,M ,Veg)Buffet lines 2 & 3 & 4 & 5: Root vegetable hash (* ,A ,G ,L ,M ,Veg ,VS) Dijon mayonnaise (A ,G ,L ,M ,Veg)Buffet lines 2 & 3 & 4 & 5: Ham sauce with cheese (* ,A ,G ,L) Whole grain organic pasta (* ,A ,L ,M ,Veg)Buffet line 2 & 3: Provence-style chicken drumstick (G ,L ,M) Basmati rice (G ,L ,M ,Veg)Buffet line 1: Feta cheese, olive, tomato and onion salad (* ,A ,G ,L)Dessert: Orange waffle (A) Whipped cream (A ,G ,L)