Welcome to Atkins ry!

All students of Haaga-Helia University of Applied sciences’ who have received the rights to study in the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology, as well as students of the above-mentioned degrees in the open pathway, can join as full members of Atkins ry. Atkins organizes different activities for their members, such as student parties, company visits, and member evenings as well as taking care of student advocacy.

The easiest way to become a member is at our office or during the orientation week when new members will also receive freshers’ bags!

We is a member association of Students of Business and Technology, and as a member of Atkins, you are part of Finland’s biggest community for business students. We offer you many benefits concerning studies, working life and leisure time. As a member you develop yourself, meet nice people and have fun – at the same time as ensuring the best possible beginning for your career. We offer three different member levels: Black, Gold and Silver. Please remember that all membership fees paid during studies are refunded in full out of the membership fees after graduation!

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Now you can prove your membership status faster at events by adding your Atkins member id to Kide.App.

  • Employment lawyers’ counseling and advice
  • Salary counseling
  • Student events
  • Tradenomi-magazine
  • Information on working life
  • BBA cap at a discounted price
  • The Member+-service
  • Discounts on insurances provided by If insurance company

Silver level includes our basic benefits and is valid for 18 months after joining.

  • All Silver level benefits
  • Personal career and job seeking coaching
  • Extensive traveler’s and accident insurance for leisure time
  • Well-being coaching
  • Entrepreneurship sparring

We recommend the Gold level for all ICT students who are not yet in the working life! Gold level membership costs 19 € / year 

  • All Silver and Gold level benefits
  • Unemployment security
  • Legal protection benefit

You can join as a Black member as long as you are employed at the moment! The black level membership includes the membership of the Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO which provides insurance in case you become unemployed. You have to be currently employed in order to be able to join the fund. The Black level membership costs 82 €/year.