By joining TROL ry you also join as a member of Atkins ry, and acquire benefits to both organizations.
These benefits include the right to attend excursions and member events, get discount prices on our event tickets and many more money saving benefits!
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Atkins ry benefitsTrol ry benefits

How to join?

You can easily become a member with a digital membership application.
You can also print and fill out the application. Send a signed application by email to, or mail it to Ratavartijankatu 2, 00520 Helsinki.
Define your membeship by clicking the link below!
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What is TROL ry?

TROL ry (The National Union of BBA Students) is a nationwide student union that can be joined by any BBA student.
TROL ry is an independent member association of TRAL ry (The Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland).
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