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kevätkokous 5.8.2020

Atkins ry welcomes all of it’s members to the statutory spring meeting on 5th of August at 17:30. The meeting will be held at Pasila campus class 2206.

All Atkins’s members can participate to the meeting and all members have the right to speak and vote.

A new treasurer will also be elected at the meeting. You can apply for the position either by submitting the application via email ([email protected]) or by arriving at the place.

1. Opening the meeting
2. Verifying the validity and authority of the meeting
3. Organizing the meeting
4. Approving the agenda of the meeting
5. Announcements
6. Choosing a new treasurer
7. Presenting the annual report for the term of 2019
8. Approving the annual report
9. Presenting the financial report for the term of 2019
10. Approving the financial statement
11. Releasing the 2019 board members from legal responsibility
12. Electing an auditor and deputy auditor for the current term
13. Association rule changes
14. Other arising matters
15. Closing the meeting