The benefits of TROL ry

TROL ry membership consists of 3 membership levels: Silver, Gold & Black.

The membership benefits depend on the membership level.

Memberships in TROL’s website

Silver Membership

Silver tier benefits and services:

  • Counseling and advice from TRAL´s lawyers (e.g. employment contracts, questions about working hours, annual holiday, notice period etc.)
  • Salary guidance
  • Student Events around Finland (Tradenologia, BBA May Day, seminars, local activities)
  • Student Events and activities arranged by Akava
  • Magazines and newsletters
  • Guidebooks and publications
  • BBA Cap at a lower cost
  • Holiday cabins to rent for affordable member price in Ruka, Levi and Tahko
  • Insurance discounts
  • Services of A-lomat (holiday cabins around Finland, hostel discounts, international home exchange service for holidays)
  • Membership in Hostelling International Finland (discounts and international hostelcard)

These basic member benefits will expire for silver members after 1,5 years.

Gold Membership

Gold tier benefits and services:

  • Includes all basic benefits offered to silver members.
  • Legal protection and liability insurance for different situations encountered in working life
  • An extensive travel and accident insurance for leisure time
  • Personal career guidance

EUR 19 per year

Black Membership

Gold tier benefits and services:

  • All-inclusive membership level, meaning that you’re also entitled to all benefits granted to Silver and Gold level members
  • Unemployment insurance: As a Black level member you are also a member of unemployment fund (IAET). You are eligible to have earnings-related allowance if all conditions are met and the member has fulfilled the employment condition as required under the Unemployment Security Act whilst insured.

EUR 94 per year