Welcome to study Information Technology!

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Atkins ry congratulates you, dear fresher, on your opportunity to study in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Atkins ry is the subject association for Information Technology students in Haaga-Helia. We have currently more than 900 members consisting of You, the IT-students. Atkins also functions on the national level, being one of the largest organizations of Tradenomiopiskelijat (Students of Business and Technology) ry, the student union for every bachelor of business administration degree student. 

To have some balance in your hard work as a student, Atkins organizes a great deal of other activities. For most people, the most visible events are the student parties, from which some have become popular traditions over the years. Atkins organizes plenty of events together with other associations from Haaga-Helia and other schools, giving you great opportunities to form your own network on the student field. In addition to the traditional parties, we organize a lot of other kinds of activities as well. More than anything, we’d like to encourage you to participate in our work, openly sharing your thoughts about new kinds of events and developing our work even further. 

When it comes to advocacy work we do for our members, Atkins takes care of lobbying in different organs inside Haaga-Helia: Collaboration working group, wellbeing working group, Information Technology negotiation commission and the meetings for the students and the management. We maintain excellent relationships with teachers, other personnel and the student union HELGA. We highly recommend that you contact us if you face any issues during your studies. 

Atkins also works to help its members with their employment during and after the studies. We list a lot of job and internship advertisements on our web page, so you could get a foothold in the IT employment field. Some of the most popular events we organize are various kinds of business excursions that provide our members with great opportunities to form networks, learn about different career options and even get recruited on the spot. 

If there’s anything you’d like to ask about us or studying in Haaga-Helia, please contact us via email, [email protected], or learn more from our web page in 


With kindest regards,

Aaro Huttula
Chairperson of the board
Atkins ry