Wtf is Helga 8 Day Mayday? Wtf is LVL UP APPRO?

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Wappu is coming, and soon Helga 8 Day May Day will start on 20.4.2019!

Like previous years, Atkins ry has the honors to start up the event with our Atkins ry presents: LVL UP APPRO event!



This year Atkins ry LVL UP APPRO will take our eager Wappu celebrating coverall people to Kallio, where they will encounter the Eastern-Downtown perils and enticements!

This bar crawl is different from all the other bar crawls that you might have encountered – it consists of several, smaller rounds that the pint-daring students can challenge. After passing through each bar crawl level, you have the opportunity to return to the starting zone to claim your first badge – and continue for the levels after that to upgrade your coverall badge!

The levels, and the badges respectively are as follows:

LVL UP APPRO (LVL1): Complete your first Bar Crawl Round (Either Round A or Round B – this is determined at the start)

LVL UP APPRO (+1 Agility): After returning to the starting zone to claim your basic badge, you have the opportunity to advance to the next Round (whichever you still haven’t done) and claim your +1 Agility badge alongside your first LVL1 -badge.

LVL UP APPRO (+1 Endurance): After claiming BOTH the Basic Badge AND the +1 Agility badge, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself for the +1 Endurance -badge! (Complete both Round A and Round B AGAIN)

The event will begin 20.4.2019 at 2PM, in Pengerpuisto, (Address: Torkkelinkatu 13-15, 00500 Helsinki.)

The starting zone, where you can come claim your badges, is open until 7PM (NOTE: We will stop handing out the bar crawl pass/maps at 6PM!)

After the event we will head out to our afterparty at RAVINTOLA MAXINE, where the doors will open at 8PM! The party will remain exclusive for us until 10PM, and after that the afterparty is free to enter for anyone. You can also come claim your coverall badges during 8PM – 10PM if you can’t make it into the starting zone on the end.

Tickets to the event are sold in Kide.App, and you can buy them from this link: (7e for Atkins members / Wappupassi owners, 9e for anyone else):

WTF is Helga 8 Day May Day?


Helga 8 Day May Day is a legendary, chain on numerous events that is arranged every year! This year we will celebrate wappu with a whopping 12 DAYS!

With a Wappu pass, you can claim stamps from each event days, which are arranged by Helga, and our student associations!

As an owner of wappupassi, you have the privilege to get member prices on all Wappu events, free entry into Helga’s Coverall Baptism – and also get free food and beverages in Kaivarin Wappu on 1.5 in Kaivopuisto (as long until they run out!)

By collecting 6 different event day stamps to your Wappu pass, you will have an unique Wappu coverall badge – and if you happen to collect all 12 days you also will get a one of a kind Wappu Diploma, that you can hang into your coveralls!

For more info about the Helga 8 Day May Day, and the Wappu Pass, click the link below:


See you in Wappu!

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