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This one is for recent graduates or students who are graduating soon. We are looking for talents who can start working full time. We hire only one junior candidate in a quarter (as soon as we find him/her), so the competition is tough. However, the requirements are short as hell. You don’t need to know everything, you just have to be the best in the following criteria:

– Good programming skills, preferably in Python

– Motivation and drive to become one of Finland’s best professionals in software automation

– Excellent people/social skills

– Finnish language

Check our career page ( to see what we offer and our culture page ( to see what it’s like to work at VALA. Apply soon here below, it takes only one minute! More information: Teemu Pesonen, +358 400 513 514.

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Futurice summer jobs for 2020

What if next summer made all the difference in your future career? Futurice has opened the applications for summer positions for 2020 in Helsinki and Tampere. We are looking for developers, data scientists and designers. With us, you get to work in real projects and learn from experienced professionals.
Check out the opportunities below and apply in one of Finland’s greatest new age digital agencies. Few of our last summer’s employees shared their experience in our blog to give you a better idea on what it’s like to work with us:
Positions in Helsinki:
Positions in Tampere:
The applications are open until January 6th (Helsinki) or January 31st (Tampere) but applications are processed as they come so don’t wait until the last minute.
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Muita avoimia työpaikkoja

Service Desk -työntekijä

“Etsimme kansainväliselle asiakkaallemme Service Desk- työntekijää 6 kuukauden mittaiseen määräaikaiseen työsuhteeseen. Työ on kokopäiväinen ja alkaa heti sopivan henkilön löydyttyä. Tehtävä on ihanteellinen mahdollisuus esimerkiksi henkilölle, joka haluaa arvokasta työkokemusta isosta kansainvälisestä yrityksestä IT-tehtävistä. Työskentelypaikka sijaitsee Espoossa.”

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